What’s next for Cycle Safe? Question 1b

Many senior politicians including Boris Johnson have pledged their support for the campaign, how should they be held to account and their track record assessed?

This is one of seven questions that people were asked at June’s Street Talk. The responses below are unedited and in no particular order. We’d welcome further comments/suggestions – comments will close on 2nd July.

  • Introduce a ‘Ben test’ the non-cyclist is the one who matters and can judge whether interventions have worked
  • Ensure consistency of measuring from year to year
  • Invite them to cycle with children and local LCC groups to show them the problems
  • ‘Reference panel’/mystery shoppers??(perhaps involve Which??)
  • Data on number of children cycling, mode share of child cyclists, ditto for older people. Mode share of journeys
  • Number of streets per year which have reintroduced 2-way cycling
  • Challenge them on every statement they make e.g. cyclist error
  • Boris (TfL) produce quarterly report – what has been achieved, and what can be expected in the next 3 months.
  • Whip them!
  • The Mayor could highlight best practice across all London boroughs and actively encourage all communities to respond and engage (ultimately name and shame) (The biking boroughs at £30k per year doesn’t muster).
  • How about an independent commission to monitor how well he’s doing? And to monitor all levels of government – they can’t pass the buck.
    – Cycling England did some of that holding local authorities to account on spending.
  • Quality audit for cycle facilities – could be based on what Dutch Fietsersbond [Dutch Cyclist’s Union] have been developing
  • Encourage discussion between different levels of government. Forum of local and national government so as to avoid tendency in which one camp sperately blames the other and no action is taken.
  • Focus on individual promises and track each one, e.g. Boris has been allowed to get away with woolly promise of ‘something’ at Vauxhall Cross and Greenwich and nobody’s quite sure what he was on about.
  • Track ‘cycling is booming” speeches, press releases v. 3 year rolling average modal share.  See Joe Dunkley’s blog for graph of soundbites versus cycling rate
  • On street survey of opinions – what impression do people have (qualitative)
  • Fact checking and evidence
  • Keep emphasising what cycling can do for them
  • Number of children walking to school and cycling
  • Identify/agree key indicators for each manifesto point and do annual review e.g. has TfL done enough to bring in HGV safety technology – NO!
  • DfT (Baker & Penning) will blame everything on local authorities who
    a) Have no money
    b) Are given crap instructions by DfT
    c) Are constrained by crap rules, laws etc e.g. bicycle specific traffic lights
  • Dft casualty stats compared to DfT cycle counts…
  • Survey subjective opinion of safety. Ask your readers “Would you feel safe cycling in borough X?” etc and compare the results.
  • Write letters t local and hyper-local media showing how individual politicians have or have not delivered on their promises.
  • Video capture and disseminate widely when they say things contrary to the pledges they made in April 2012.
  • Record and track cycling numbers.
  • Boris will say it’s up to local communities to decide (e.g. when 20 mph introduced) but he should hold LA’s to account and get their feedback on what works.
  • Money allocated to real facts on the ground.
  • Identify clearly measurable indicators and get politicians to endorse them.
  • Ask people what they think – use interactive mapping – this has been used successfully in Copenhagen and Hounslow

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