Video – presentations from masterclass on campaigning for 20mph, 1st May

Rod King, 20’s Plenty for Us

Caroline Russell, Islington Living Streets

Jeremy Leach, 20’s Plenty for Us and Jacqueline Saunders, Camden Council

Videos produced by Brian Jones from Media for the Web. The masterclass was part of 3Space’s Re:THINK festival and was held in association with 20’s Plenty for Us and Living Streets.

Street Talks with Cllr Vincent Stops and Trevor Parsons, 4th June

Street Talks with Cllr Vincent Stops, Hackney Council and Trevor Parsons, London Cycling Campaign in HackneyHackney: Lessons from London’s most liveable borough

Many different factors – topographical, historical, economic, social, demographic and political – have contributed to the borough of Hackney becoming arguably the most liveable in London. We hope you can join us for Street Talks in June when Trevor Parsons and Vincent Stops will explore these factors, outline the many problems and constraints which still remain, and discuss strategies for overcoming them.

Upstairs at The Yorkshire Grey, 2 Theobalds Road, WC1X 8PN at 7pm on Tuesday 4th June 2013 (bar open from 6pm).

Vincent Stops has been a councillor in Hackney for 11 years. For two he was the lead member responsible for transport, streets and environment issues. For the last seven he has been the Chair of Planning. During all that time Vincent has promoted the benefits of a great public realm, great built environment and the importance of bus, cycle and walking. Vincent has worked in transport policy for several years.

Trevor Parsons lives in Hoxton and tinkers with computers. He became involved in his local London Cycling Campaign group when it appealed for help in the struggle against the building of the M11 Link Road. He has remained active at the borough level ever since, and claims the first use of the word ‘permeability’ in relation to planning for cycling.

Street Talks with Jim Davis, 9th April

Jim Davis, Chair, Cycling Embassy of Great BritainThe Joy of Sects: The Evolution of the Embassy

Two years after his first appearance, Jim Davis, Founder and Chair of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain returns to Street Talks in April to reflect on why he decided to set up a new campaign, the problems the Embassy has faced in moving amongst the cycling establishment, cycling enthusiasts and national government, and the fun they’ve had along the way.

Jim will discuss what the Embassy stands for and the challenges that they may face in the future. He will consider how they can help ensure the Mayor and his successors deliver on the Vision for Cycling in London, and whether London can act as an inspiration for investment in cycling infrastructure across the UK.

Jim Davis is a writer, campaigner, lobbyist, occasional blogger and even more occasional stand-up comedian. He founded the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain in January 2011 having campaigned locally and worked for CTC as an Information Officer.

Upstairs at The Yorkshire Grey, 2 Theobalds Road, WC1X 8PN at 7pm on Tuesday 9th April 2013 (bar open from 6pm).

A better Westminster for pedestrians

Living Streets work to create streets that really put people first. When we have streets we want to walk in, lives are transformed – we are healthier, happier and more sociable. Living Streets Local Groups make a real difference by campaigning on the issues that matter in their local area.

We’re partnering with Living Streets to launch their new Westminster Living Streets Group on Tuesday 12th March . We’ll be joined by Sir Terry Farrell, one of the world’s foremost urban planners and architects, who will be sharing his vision for a more people friendly Westminster. We hope you can join us too.

6.30 for 7pm, 12th March at Terry Farrell and Partners, 7 Hatton Street, NW8 8PL. Directions here (pdf).

During forty years in practice, Terry Farrell has transformed London’s skyline and animated the banks of the Thames with his Charing Cross and MI6 headquarters buildings. It is, though, through his long-term involvement in the region’s urban planning – through specific projects, as well as through advocacy and initiating public debate – that Farrell has made his greatest contribution . He is currently the government champion for the planning of the Thames Gateway and advises the Mayor of London on his Design Advisory Committee.

If you would like to know more please contact Tom Platt at Living Streets –